Nos élèves de 3è ont réfléchi à la notion de Harcèlement dans le cadre d’un projet anglophone avec leur professeur Mrs Kadmiri.
“The Positive Post-It Operation conducted by the pupils of 3eA and 3eB originated from an article from CBC news which they studied during their English class on bullying. In this article, they learnt about a Canadian girl who, being cyberbullied, had decided to react with warmth and care instead of violence, and posted lots of colourful uplifting notes on every locker of her school, such as ”You’re beautiful”, ”I love you” or ”You shine like a bright diamond”. Excited about the project, our pupils got into groups and worked together to imagine heartwarming, comforting, sometimes funny notes which they then stuck everywhere around the school. Let us not forget that bullying is still a recurring and deeply damaging issue, especially at school ; it is therefore an educational priority to keep raising awareness among our teenagers of the necessity of being considerate, attentive and respectful of other people… no matter in what language we say it !”

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